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Where to Find the Best Pizza in Seattle

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a steaming slice of delectable pizza. Fortunately, there is no shortage of excellent pizzerias in Seattle. Whether you’re a lover of greasy, New York-style pizza, deep-dish Chicago pan pies, or saucy slices of Neapolitan, this city has got a little something for everyone. Here are our top pizza recommendations across Seattle:

4303 Fremont Ave N

This Fremont pizzeria is known for its standout wood-fired, sourdough pizzas. You can choose from seven pies on the menu or create your own. (We recommend the Cacio e Pepe smothered in an olive oil base and topped with Samish Bay mozzarella, pecorino, pepper, basil, and grana). If you’re in the mood for dessert, try a half pint of house made ice cream.

Breezy Town Pizza
4864 Beacon Ave S

If you love a Midwestern style pan pie, check out this pizza spot in South Seattle. Breezy Town specializes in “Chicago and Detroit inspired deep-dish pan pizza” with a sourdough crust and a blend of mozzarella and Wisconsin brick cheese. You can’t go wrong when ordering the Pepperoni Paint Job.

Serious Pie Ballard
5118 14th Ave NW

The pies here are made with light textured, blistered crusts and cooked in a “600-degree stone-encased apple wood-burning oven”. Toppings include Northwest-style combos like roasted oyster mushrooms, cremini, and truffle cheese.

1830 12th Ave

This pizza joint is so popular that it’s not uncommon for their chewy, aromatic sourdough pies to sell out. The menu changes often and features many fresh, seasonal combos. Try the Sausage Pippara (tomato, aged mozzarella, Olsen fennel sausage, piparra pickled peppers, and a blend of pecorino and parmesan cheese) for an explosion of exquisite flavors.

Humble Pie
525 Rainier Ave S

For excellent Pacific-Northwest inspired pizza, head to Humble Pie in the International District. Pizzas are made with a thin crust and topped with high quality ingredients, like Beecher’s flagship cheese and Uli’s sausage.

601 Summit Ave E

Naturally leavened, deep-dish pizzas with seasonal ingredients like foraged mushrooms and garlic confit is what Cornelly’s pies are known for. Vegan pizza lovers will enjoy the Red Funghi made with maitake mushrooms, shallot, garlic confit, herbs, and red sauce.

Bar del Corso
3057 Beacon Ave S

This Italian restaurant in Seattle’s Beacon Hill neighborhood has incredible wood-fired, Neapolitan pizza. The toppings are simple, and the crust is charred just right. Our favorite pie is the Carno di Capra topped with house made sausage, pickled goathorn peppers, garlic, mozzarella, and grana. 

1415 NW 70th St

Made from high quality ingredients like Washington-grown wheat and locally and sustainably raised meats, Delancey’s pies are a must try. If you’re a meat lover, you’ll especially love the bacon and onion and sausage pizzas.

Dino’s Tomato Pie
1524 E Olive Way

Dino’s is a pizzeria and bar located in Capitol Hill. The pizza comes in round, thin-crust, and square, thick-crust varieties. We recommend the square, Jersey-style pies with delectable toppings like Zoe’s bacon and house-pickled jalapeños. For an extra dose of deliciousness, order garlic knots on the side.  

4526 42nd Ave SW

Can you believe that the Detroit-style pizzas at Moto are so heavenly, there is a month’s long waitlist for them at the West Seattle location? The crust is a hand-mixed sourdough made with a 100-year-old starter. Toppings include everything from chimichurri to chopped clams. And the pies are baked in an 18th century trough oven. Dessert includes a twisted soft serve atop a cinnamon-dusted pastry cone.

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