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8 Simple Ways to Save Energy

During the cold fall and winter months, many of us crank up our thermostats, resulting in higher energy costs. By using less energy, we can avoid excess costs as well as environmental impacts. Follow these tips to save money and energy while staying comfortable this season.

1. Cover drafty windows

Use window treatments and coverings to help reduce infiltration and improve energy efficiency.

2. Adjust the temperature

When you’re awake, keep the temperature as low as comfortable. When you’re asleep or leave the house, turn the thermostat down to save money on your heating bills.

3. Turn things off

Turn off your television, computer, video game consoles, light switches, etc., when you’re not using them.

4. Reduce heat loss from the fireplace

Unless a fire is burning, make sure that the fireplace door is closed, so that the warm air does not go directly up to the chimney.  If your fireplace is never used, try plugging and sealing the chimney flue.

5. Lower your water heater temperature

Adjust the temperature on your water heater to 120 degrees to help you save energy. Water heating accounts for 20% of your home’s energy use.

6. Purchase smarter light bulbs

An LED light bulb uses up to 85% less energy and can save more than $100 over its lifetime.

7. Maintain your furnace

Schedule routine maintenance of your furnace. Replace furnace and heat pump filters as needed.

8. Add attic insulation

Add insulation to your attic to cut heat loss and lower your heating bills.

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