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    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Snoqualmie

    By Jake Neuman | December 20, 2023

    WELCOME TO SNOQUALMIE Snoqualmie, a charming town nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Washington, is a community celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, outdoor activities, and the Snoqualmie Falls – a stunning natural wonder that attracts visitors from near and far. This town has emerged as a desirable destination for families, professionals, and nature enthusiasts alike.... Read More

    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Mercer Island

    By Jake Neuman | August 14, 2023

    WELCOME TO MERCER ISLAND Mercer Island is a, medium-sized city located in Lake Washington between Seattle and Bellevue. It is conveniently connected to the mainland on both sides via the I-90. This highly sought-after zip code has a longstanding reputation for having some of the  most premier real estate in the state. Beyond its local... Read More

    Embracing the Future: The Rise of Smart Homes

    By Jake Neuman | July 31, 2023

    Welcome to the future! A radical transformation is underway in the real estate landscape, driven by the rise of smart homes. This revolutionary trend seamlessly blends technology and connectivity to enhance our daily living experiences. As our lives become increasingly intertwined with gadgets and devices, it’s no surprise that this phenomenon is sweeping across the... Read More

    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Queen Anne

    By Jake Neuman | July 26, 2023

    WELCOME TO QUEEN ANNE Queen Anne represents some of the best of the Emerald City, although the hill was one of the last areas to be developed due to its steep incline. Today, Seattleites take advantage of the altitude, and enjoy some of the most beautiful views found, well, anywhere. Classic homes, a central location,... Read More

    Kirkland Summer Concert Series

    By Jake Neuman | July 17, 2023

    Don’t miss out on the Kirkland Summer Concert Series—a musical celebration that blends art, community, and entertainment. 2023 is the 47th year of Summer Concerts! Soak up the sun with an outdoor Thursday evening concert. Bring friends and enjoy the community during this summer classic. All summer Concerts are free to attend but donations are... Read More

    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Woodinville

    By Jake Neuman | July 10, 2023

    WELCOME TO WOODINVILLE Come to Woodinville for a luxurious, weekend destination appeal. This rapidly growing city lives just a half hour away from downtown Seattle and attracts thousands of visitors every year, but it still manages to maintain the charm of a little-known secret. It’s an attractive location to those who work nearby and value... Read More

    The Charm of Indoor-Outdoor Living

    By Jake Neuman | July 3, 2023

    Washington State is a haven for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. With its stunning landscapes, from lush forests to majestic mountains and breathtaking coastlines, it’s no wonder that residents of this beautiful region seek ways to bring the outdoors into their homes. One design trend that has gained significant popularity in Washington State is indoor-outdoor... Read More

    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Capitol Hill

    By Jake Neuman | June 26, 2023

    WELCOME TO CAPITOL HILL Capitol Hill’s residents enjoy easy access to North Seattle across the bridge and Downtown Seattle and South Lake Union to the west. Although it’s hyper-connected to the rest of the city, Cap Hill (as it is colloquially referred to) has managed to retain a colorful, eclectic style all its own. Here... Read More

    Best Smart Mailboxes for 2023

    By Jake Neuman | June 20, 2023

    eufy Security SmartDrop Secure your deliveries regardless if you’re home or out and about. Whether you’ve just stepped out, can’t get to the door, or are on vacation, SmartDrop will be waiting for you with your packages safe and sound. SmartDrop’s sturdy, all-metal body will protect your parcels 24/7 from porch pirates and the elements,... Read More

    Seattle Neighborhood Guide | Bellevue

    By Jake Neuman | June 12, 2023

    WELCOME TO BELLEVUE Just east of the city, across Lake Washington, lies another growing urban skyline— Bellevue. Fittingly, the city’s name is French for “beautiful view,” which refers to the spectacular Olympic and Cascade Mountains that can be seen from the hilltops and skyscrapers of the city. Bellevue has been called “a city in a... Read More